Create your own Goody Bag for £6.99


Pick and choose exactly what you'd like in your goody bags, for just £6.99 each. Simply make your selections and then add to your basket!

Remember, if you're looking for something different to what's listed, you can just call us on 01604 780101, email or brief us online and we'll put together something bespoke to fit your budget and requirements.

Choose up to 3 items from Group A, 3 from Group B, and 1 from Group C, add personalised gift tags if you'd like, and then pick your goody bag and tissue topper colour.

Group Aselect up to 3 from the following

Group Bselect up to 3 from the following

Group Cchoose from the following

Optional Extras

+ £0.40
+ £0.30
+ £0.60
+ £0.25

Presented in a medium matt rope handled gift bagchoose from the following

Topped with tissue paperchoose from the following



TOTAL (£) £6.99


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