Wheelie Big Celebration!


A novelty wheelie bin full of sweeties! Promote re-cycling with this fun desk sized wheelie bin. Ideal for a little treat with the sweets, it can be reused as a desk top pen holder. If you'd rather have a mixture of sweets or chocolates too, please just ask - we can fill it to your specification!

A personalised label can be added to the novelty bin. To add your own branding or personalisation to this label design, or to have your own design, simple add the Personalised Label in the Optional Extras below.

Presented inAll Included


Choice of Sweetschoose from the following

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegetarian

Optional Extras

+ £0.30
+ £0.60
+ £0.25



TOTAL (£) £4.99


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