Employee Appreciation Gifts

Employee Appreciation Gift

If anyone deserves some extra appreciation, it’s your employees — the ones who pour endless time and energy into helping your company succeed. Gifts are a great way to show how much you value your team members and their contributions, and the right gift can create a memorable and meaningful moment.

If you're looking for something to put together just for your team as a surprise we can create options for you that match your theme, colour scheme, requirements and budget, however exacting you think they might be! Simply give us a call on 01604 780101, drop an email to sales@cocooncorporate.co.uk, or brief us online, and we'll create bespoke solutions to fit your brief.

Employee Appreciation Gift

£7.99 ex VAT

Filled with delicious snacks, sweets & tea/coffee, your staff will enjoy a mini treat with a high impact of importance.

Staff Appreciation Gift

£8.99 ex VAT


The Gratitude Box

£20.99 ex VAT