Anti-bribery Act

25th Apr 2018

At Cocoon, we are sometimes asked whether the gifts we provide for companies to send to their customers might fall foul of the Anti-bribery act. The short answer is no.

The government provides an extensive guide to the act here: and the key passage is this:

“…as a general proposition, hospitality or promotional expenditure which is proportionate and reasonable given the sort of business you do is very unlikely to engage the Act. So you can continue to provide tickets to sporting events, take clients to dinner, offer gifts to clients as a reflection of your good relations, or pay for reasonable travel expenses in order to demonstrate your goods or services to clients if that is reasonable and proportionate for your business”

So while the gifts we provide are of course wonderful, they are not wonderful enough to trigger any problems here. Why not have a look through our range of Corporate Christmas Gifts and start shopping!

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