Staff Rewards Platform - Tailored to Your Company

We have an innovative and stress-free solution which allows you to offer rewards to staff using value based tiers and unique rewards codes and be GDPR compliant. Your bespoke staff rewards platform will enable recipients to choose from a pre-defined selection of gifts, enter their unique rewards code and personal details such as contact information and delivery address. The recipient will receive an email confirming their choice and delivery address details, and we despatch the reward gift within an agreed timeframe eg. 5 working days. We then invoice for redeemed codes on a weekly or monthly basis. 

The branding & messaging on the platform is up to you.

The value and number of tiers is up to you.

The pre-defined selection of gifts within each tier is up to you!

The platform can be tailored to suit your preferences, budgets, users and recipients. And there is no charge for creating the platform. 

In the modern world of hybrid working, it's our tried and tested way of ensuring you're complying with GDPR regulations, using an all-encompassing, bespoke solution to provide an easy to use platform which makes rewarding staff simple, quick and straightforward, whether on an ad hoc basis or for regular events like work anniversaries or employee birthdays.


Staff Rewards Platform Demo - Why Not Try It?

Use this demonstration link to experience the simplicity of the process from start to finish including your confirmation email. All information entered will be deleted within 7 working days and only used for the purposes of the demonstration experience. No rewards will be sent or invoiced!

Simply give us a call on 01604 780101 or email to get your own platform set up or to find out more!

GDPR Privacy Policy

We're always happy to look through and agree to adhere to your Data Transfer and Privacy policies (or similar). Our GDPR Privacy Policy can be found here.

Cocoon Sample Staff Reward Platform

Cocoon Sample Staff Reward Platform

Cocoon Sample Staff Reward Platform

Cocoon Sample Staff Reward Platform