We can offer you a choice of easy stress free GDPR compliant processes for sending gifts to your employees or clients, either to their home or work address.

1. Address List Template - you have chosen a gift and have the addresses of where you're sending them to.

2. Choosing Their Own Gift And/Or, The Recipient Entering Their Own Address - if you don’t know the address of your recipient, or, you'd like them to input their own address and/or have a choice of gift, we can offer a bespoke service via Microsoft Forms.

Address List Template

If you have chosen your gift and would like to send out to various employees or clients then our address list template can be found here. You can securely send us your finalised address list following the instructions attached to the template. We have a dedicated team who deal with the address lists who, having agreed with you in advance a retention period after completion of the order, will permanently delete all data once it is no longer required.

Choosing Their Own Gifts

We have an innovative and stress-free way of handling the issue of GDPR compliance, which allows you to offer gifts, personally selected to match the recipients dietary requirements and taste preferences too, and not hand over any of their personal information such as their home address.

The way we do that is to either give them a choice of gift or we can create a bespoke gift just for you. It can have a few choice options, so people can decide if they'd like red or white wine, beer, or non-alcoholic drinks, for example. They can choose chocolate, snacks, and a whole host of other gifts. We work together with you to hit the budget you're looking to spend, to include delivery to everyone at their home or work address and create a gift that's perfect for you and your team.

How it Works?

1. We create a bespoke online order form using Microsoft Forms that is secure and fully GDPR compliant for each of your recipients to complete themselves. It has a simple, easy to follow step-by-step process to make choices of drinks and snacks etc and the recipient is then asked to supply their preferred delivery address. Once the form is completed the recipient will receive an email confirming their choices made and delivery address details so they have a record of the information they have submitted. Their details are held and never shared with unauthorised personnel and only held until the delivery has been successfully made to each recipient. It’s that simple!

2. We agree with you a closing date all 'orders' must be placed by, and we send you regular updates on who has ordered, so you can send out timely reminders should they be required. Once the closing date has passed, the online form will close to any new orders and we send you the list of names of people who have placed their 'orders', for your approval. Then the gifts are packed and sent out to each recipient, with your personalised message card, should you choose to include one.

In the modern world of hybrid working, it’s our tried and tested way of ensuring you're complying with GDPR regulations, and yet have an all-encompassing solution to ensure employees receive their gifts regardless of their location. 

Choosing Their Own Gift Demo - Why Not Try It?

Use this demonstration link to experience the simplicity of the process from start to finish including your confirmation email. All information entered will be deleted within 7 working days and only used for the purposes of the demonstration experience.

GDPR Privacy Policy

We're always happy to look through and agree to adhere to your Data Transfer and Privacy policies (or similar) to ensure you're GDPR compliant when handing over employees' (or clients) addresses to send them gifts.
Our GDPR Privacy Policy can be found here.