Working within the GDPR rules can sometimes prove a tricky thing when you're looking to send gifts to employees at their home addresses.

We're always happy to look through and agree to adhere to your Data Transfer and Privacy policies (or similar) to ensure you're GDPR compliant when handing over employees' addresses to send them out gifts. Our GDPR Privacy Policy can be found here. You can send us address lists via your secure email system, password protect them and call with the password - we have a dedicated team who deal with the address lists, and who ensure they are deleted permanently once no longer required.

If you have more than 50 potential recipients, and you're struggling to send us your employee address list through, we have an innovative and stress-free way of handling the issue of GDPR compliance, which allows you to offer staff gifts, personally selected to match their dietary requirements and taste preferences too, and not hand over any of their personal information without their explicit consent.

The way we do that is to create a bespoke gift just for you. It can have a few choice options, so people can decide if they'd like red or white wine, beer, or non-alcoholic drinks, for example. They can choose chocolate, snacks, and a whole host of other gifts. We work together with you to hit the budget you're looking to spend, to include delivery to everyone at their home addresses, and create a gift that's perfect for you and your team. If you have over 100 potential recipeints, we can offer more than one selection for them to choose from.

We then put that product in a hidden area on this website, price it at £0.00, and send you the link to it, with the full instructions each recipient will need. You simply email that link and the instructions to everyone you'd like to offer a gift to. They come on the website, and, if they're happy to, they make their choices and give us their delivery address. You don't ever see their address, and the data is held securely until after the delivery has been successfully made to each recipient. Its that simple!

We agree a closing date all 'orders' must be placed by with you, and we send you regular updates on who has and hasn’t ordered, so you can send out timely reminders should they be required. Once the closing date has passed, we send you the list of names of people who have placed their 'orders', for your approval. Then the gifts are packed and sent out to each recipient, with your personalised message card, should you choose to include one.

Its our tried and tested way of ensuring you're complying with GDPR regulations, and yet still able to send employees gifts at their home addresses. And with so many people currently working from home, its the perfect solution to ensure you're maintaining that all important team spirit even while you're not physically together.

Our GDPR Privacy Policy can be found here.