Our Signature Hamper Box Range


When it comes to packaging, we all know the importance of the impact of a great looking present  (after all, who doesn’t love the creak of a wicker basket and delving through a tonne of shred to find equally over-packaged biscuits and treats that all become little presents in their own right…), but in today’s world, the increasing concern on everyone’s mind is the horrific impact that over-packaging has had, and is having on the environment from the food in our supermarkets, to every day goods as well all the nice things in life.

With this in mind, we’ve created the ultimate range that’s not only great for the environment but for your pocket too – concentrating on what’s important (when all said and done, it’s the contents, right?!) and keeping the frills to a minimum.  Because of the design on the boxes, there’s no need for extra ribbons or gift tags, although we can always add them if you want us to.

Our signature Hamper Box:

Our fabulous Hamper Boxes come in a range of sizes and designs that are not only great to look at, but are available to personalise with either your logo, artwork or design.  They are simple to assemble reducing our time to put them together but most importantly, they’re tough, lightweight and made from corrugated board that can be easily recycled. 


Fleur Di Lis Hamper Box

Why are they so good?

  • Easy to store (in particular when your space is at a minimum you need a bulk delivery)
  • Easy to hand out
  • Fully printable for bulk orders, or we can finish with personalised labels for smaller amounts
  • Great closing mechanic meaning minimal tape required
  • Can be put straight into the postal system without the need for additional packaging

We also always try and ensure that each hamper is sized to the contents, reducing the need to over fill the inside with shredded tissue and packaging to fill the empty space.

White Hamper Box

Christmas Range


This fabulous selection is in addition to the cartons, textured, fluted, keepsake and magnetic closing range that we have as well as our luxury traditional environmentally sustainable wicker basket range.

We hope that you love our signature range as much as we do, but you’d like something developed just for you, please contact one of our team who will be happy to help.

Ultimately, less waste not only means helping to reduce energy to handle that waste, but it reduces the risk of pollution, saves our beautiful countryside, rivers and oceans from getting littered from over-stuffed bins and skips and in turn our fabulous wildlife from accidentally getting caught up in it.  It reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses created from the landfill sites and the energy to burn waste materials.