The Missing Piece

Easy to use Staff Rewards Hub

Recognise Loyalty & Service

Say thank you for hard work & long service

We Do The Rest!

Gifts sent to the recipients' supplied addresses

Our Reward & Recognition Hubs

  • Simple: a very easy way to centralise staff reward & recognition
  • Free: only pay for what is ordered, there are no set up fees
  • Branded: featuring your logo, tailored to match your company colours
  • Use As Required: can be used as often or little as you wish
  • Secure: we supply reward codes for your team to use when needed
  • Branded Merchandise: supply (or we can source) any merch you'd like to include
  • Tailored: you choose what to offer:
    • from our website
    • or we create bespoke choices for you
  • Your Budget: the cost of the gifts on offer is totally up to you
  • Discreet: costs are not visisble to recipients
  • GDPR Compliant: the recipients choose where their treats are delivered to, and supply us the information in a fully GDPR compliant, secure manner, without you having to supply addresses for them
  • Straightforward: recipients are simply given their unique code which gives them access to choose from the selection of gifts chosen by you
  • Choice: we can include gift cards, experiences & charitable donations if required
  • Billing: we invoice on a weekly or monthly basis once the codes have been redeemed
  • Committment Free: it’s completely free to set up and run, with no minimum purchase levels or contract tie-ins

Treat staff for any reason or occasion...

Milestones & Work Anniversaries              For going above & beyond                 Birthdays & Thank you gifts  


Test it out for yourself with our Demo Platform!

Have a go from a user's perspective and see the simple format and seamless experience for yourself!


All information entered will be deleted within 7 working days and only used for the purposes of the demonstration experience. No rewards will be sent or invoiced!

Have a flick through our presentation which helps explain the simplicity of the platform!

Then simply give us a call on 01604 780101 or email to get your own platform set up or to find out more!