Thursday Cottage


Pouring Jams and Marmalades by hand for over 60 years

Thursday Cottage have been hand making their products in small batches for over 60 years since the business was originally based in a little thatched cottage of the same name in Somerset. Their production area moved to Tiptree, Essex in 2002 but little else has changed especially with the way they produce our delicious products, produced in small batches and hand poured into jars. 

Taste is everything!

Some of our favourites are Strawberry with Champagne, Orange and Whiskey Marmalade and not forgetting Gingerbread Caramel Spread. They hand make in batches of around 100 jars per boil which gives their cooks the chance to watch over each boil with extra care to make sure they produce only the finest preserves. They then hand pour our Jams & Marmalades into traditional jars to ensure that each jar is packed with whole pieces of fruit for a more flavoursome preserve. The true care and attention they put into making our products really does show in the taste.

Not on the High St or should we say not in the Supermarket!

You won't find Thursday Cottage products in major supermarkets as their policy is to support independent traders.