Made in Britain…Sunny Gnawfolk to be precise

All of Gnaw's fabulous bars, mini bars, buttons and hot chocolate shots are handcrafted on British soil at their Gnaw HQ in sunny Norfolk. Their mission is to keep their carbon paw-print low and their quality high and their passion is about putting people and the plant first in their decisions. 

HAPPY. DONE RIGHT - Sustainable journey 

Chocolate with more than just taste. Their mantra is to do the right thing from paying farmers fairly to ensuring 70% of their chocolate is made with solar energy and all their packaging is either fully home compostable or recyclable.

Our Favourites .....

The Gnaw Bee Happy Honeycomb & Crunchy Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar and the Gnaw Raspberry Crisp Dark Chocolate are probably the most popular, but its hard to choose when they have such a fantastic range of affordable quality chocolate. Not only do they offer some of our favourite chocolate in many of our hampers, as a supplier they are one of our favourite too! We have been working together for years and the team at Gnaw are like an extension to our own team, we love that they share our values and ethical beliefs and were one of the first chocolatiers to consider the plant and introduce composible packaging.